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Threshold of Becoming

Walking a soul-centered path in life means experiencing multiple cycles of death and rebirth. Old skins shed, identities shift, and you tenderly arrive to a new way of being.

In seasons of redefining relationships, navigating changes in career or soul work, experiencing shifts in family dynamics or life season, these chapter thresholds ask us for sacred pause and loving witness.

Your evolution deserves to be seen, heard and celebrated as you explore, embody and express more of who you really are.

Soul Alchemy is a sacred space of becoming and belonging.

What is Soul Alchemy?

The world needs your soul work. Your soul work needs you whole.

Soul Alchemy is an invitation to meet deeper, truer layers of you as you birth, tend, and hone your soul work.

Soul work takes many forms. It is the outer work of serving the world while learning to resource and sustain yourself, balanced by the inner work of healing, liberation and consciousness expansion. 

It is meeting the transformations, transitions, and evolutions of your path, and courageously, consciously engaging with them.

It is honoring grief, rage, fear, longing, hope, doubt, uncertainty, joy, and beauty alike as teachers and guides upon the path.

It is becoming congruent, aligning interior essence with exterior creative expression.

In this conscious community process, we offer a safe and brave space to be spiritually fed, fueled and held in alchemizing old ways of being into newer and truer expressions of self. 

We are calling in change makers, creatives, healers, coaches, teachers, guides, practitioners, activists, thought leaders, mystics, magic workers, artists and visionaries who are shifting old stories into wider ways of being.


6 Wisdom Teachings

Self-paced lessons including short video, readings, reflection prompts and creative practice.

6 Community Calls

Gatherings to facilitate circular co-learning: reflect, share, explore and enjoy a guided group practice.

3 Creative Studios

Monthly online creative studio session with soul-stirring music and guided visual or expressive art practice.

Depth Sessions

1:1 sessions* with council members for deeper soul guidance in astrology, ancestor, and dream channels.

*1:1 sessions are booked a la carte at your discretion, and have an exchange of $150 USD.

 Alchemical Process 

Soul Alchemy is a process of whole-making. Wounded, disenfranchised and shadow parts of the self are welcomed, tended and integrated. Magic, gifts, and medicine are revealed, reflected and refined through community witnessing.

We commit to come together and listen deep, going beyond societally-shaped narratives into the ancient wellspring of truth, guided by the wise compass of intuitive bodily and sensory awareness. 

Through creative, contemplative, and community practices, we remind each other:

Beneath the noise of the world, you are the deeply knowing self.


  • Intuitive Writing
  • Poetry & Song
  • Nature¬†Art
  • Soul Collage‚ĄĘ
  • Mask Making
  • Altar Building


  • Ancestral Healing
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Visualization
  • Oracular Trance
  • Dream Work


  • Biweekly¬†Gatherings
  • Group Breakouts
  • Partner Practices
  • WhatsAppChat
  • BIPOC Affinity Calls
  • Optional 1x1 Sessions

If You Want To... 

  • Feel integrated, whole, and grounded in self-trust
  • Show up as you really are in your life, relationships, and work
  • Speak¬†clearly and confidently about your¬†beliefs, values and offerings
  • Align your desires, values and actions¬†in congruent expression
  • Work and live in ways that are nourishing, sustainable and loving¬†
  • Cultivate a¬†sense of¬†hope and faith in this time of collective upheaval
  • Tend¬†the discomfort of growth¬†instead of staying in self-containment
  • Be seen, heard, valued and expanded by peers walking a similar path
  • Boldly step into the next initiation or ordination of your¬†calling
  • Trust your intuition about what you‚Äôre here to do, and do it

We are calling you in. This council is for you.

"It is we who nourish the Soul of the World, and the world we live in will be either better or worse, depending on whether we become better or worse.

That’s where the power of love comes in. Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are."

-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Soul Alchemy Council

Amelia Mallory Travis

Amelia Travis is a women’s coach, astrologer, writer, TEDx speaker, breathwork facilitator and yoga ERYT-500. Her soul-centered approach to expanding awareness is rooted in twenty years of spiritual study, Integral Yoga philosophy, transpersonal psychology and eco-feminist values. With curiosity, warmth and an open heart, Amelia invites exploration, discovery, and celebration of your expanded self; integrating ego, soul, relationships, community, and Earth. Walking with you on the spiral path of remembrance and becoming is her greatest joy and purpose.

More About Amelia

Camden Lenore Torres

Camden Torres is an Xicana woman and mother of Mexican, Indigenous, and Iberian roots. She is a medicine woman, artist, Spiritual Mentor, medium, death shepherd, and Earth steward. Camden’s medicine and gifts are ancestral and are deeply connected to Mother Earth. She works closely with her ancestors, including human, animal, tree, plant and water kin. Camden’s work and art supports women and mothers as they heal ancestral wounds, embrace their medicine and creativity, and journey through rites of passage. Her offerings are rooted in love, liberation, decolonization, and re-indigenization.

Connect with Camden

Amber Herzog Lyman

Amber Herzog Lyman is a poet, film writer, guide and Earth ambassador based in Central California and Maui. Her wisdom has been gathered through a lifetime immersed in animal communication, wildlife handling/rescue/research across three oceans and two continents, decades of practice and teaching yoga and meditation, and conscious exploration in 37 countries and counting. Her soul work centers on facilitating transformational experiences of ceremony and connection that call humans back into deep reciprocal relationship with Earth, ocean and nature consciousness.

Read Amber's Story

Transformative Chrysalis

As feminine beings, we experience ourselves as part of the rhythms of nature and cosmos, fully present in the shifting moment, able to grow into new forms as we age, expand and explore. Mature feminine embodiment and expression asks us to humanize these intuitive instincts and follow internal cues to grow into our highest expressions of self. 

The chrysalis is a place of silence and safety that supports inward focus, dissolution of old ways, self-reflection and deep nourishment. A time of transitional being that looks like stillness, providing space for meditation, rest, presence, growth and change. Being held inside the group chrysalis brings luminosity, integrity, humor and love to transformation, which otherwise can feel lonely and uncertain. It is thanks to the chrysalis that emergence can take place.

The Journey

Learning & Practice Modules



Making space, time, and energy for the soul work process. Laying past selves to rest with loving intention.


Calling in ancestors, guides, spirits of place, and elementals who will support your growth along the path.


Learning to full-body listen, opening the oracular voice, attuning to intuition and inner knowing.


Setting passion and vision alight through creative expression, physical practice and reciprocal relationship.


Cultivating sustainable growth, nurturing and maturing through discomfort, reinforcing deeper roots.


Activating voice, regenerating authentic life artistry and celebrating the sovereignty of self-authority.

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Like the snake shedding its skin, we must evolve or die.

We share the fate of the earth, and in sharing Her fate, we are called to stand and speak on life’s behalf.

Speaking on life's behalf requires us to first see and know a deep, personal awareness of the sacred within creation and ourselves. 

Program Tuition

Accessibility is one of our core values. This sliding scale offering aims to take into consideration global economic disparities, historical injustices, and varying personal circumstances. Thank you for contributing in a way that honors this work and creates access for as many people as possible.



This rate offers community access. Applies if your identities include historically marginalized populations, if you're experiencing economic hardship or if the standard cost is out of reach. 

Payment Plan
6 Monthly Payments of $150

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This rate allows us to sustain our work. Applies if you are employed / self employed in the Global North, own land or property, and/or can provide for your needs in a consistent way.

Payment Plan
6 Monthly Payments of $200

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This rate helps create equitable access. Applies if you have disposable income, savings, investments, a retirement plan, and/or access to economic abundance or generational wealth.

Payment Plan
6 Monthly Payments of $250

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Learning Objectives

Through this journey, practitioners will gain skill and resilience as we expand awareness, build tools for self-resourcing, and expand our capacity for wise action in:

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We are calling you in. Breathe, feel your heartbeat, listen deep to the rhythm of the Earth that sings in your bones and blood. Come in, let's gather, and reweave ourselves back into belonging.

Step Into Soul Alchemy