Founder of Womxn Awake
E-RYT 500 at Stoked Yogi
B.A. Literature & Creative Writing Coach | Speaker | Mystic

Hi, I'm Amelia - yoga teacher turned multi six figure business coach, writer, speaker, and spiritual warrior.

Since 2011, I’ve trained thousands of yoga teachers and coached hundreds of womxn entrepreneurs align their passion and purpose to create success in yoga, wellness and creative arts.

My journey to an empowered life wasn’t easy. Body dysmorphia, people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies led to drug addiction, disordered eating, abusive relationships and dating older wealthy men for money.

As a lifelong seeker and modern day mystic, my own dark night of the soul led to my current life mission: help womxn heal, reclaim wholeness, own their gifts, and thrive doing what they love. Whether I’m teaching, speaking, or coaching, my prayer is to help us remember who we are, return to love, and have the courage to live a life aligned with our big vision. My approach to awakening is pretty simple:

Show up. Love people. Tell the truth.

The most revolutionary thing a woman can do: the next right thing, without asking permission or offering explanation.




Bios tend to be a highlight reel. But there’s so much more to us than that.

I grew up chubby and smart, insecure, but mostly happy. At 14, my dad left, and my teen years became a perfect storm of grief, rage, disordered eating, substance abuse, and one toxic AF, abusive relationship. When violence finally spurred me to flee, I drove across the country: thirty pounds underweight, addicted to prescription pills, and sought to gain my power back by dating older men for money.

With poor taste in men, I managed to get involved with not one, but two con artists / criminals. By 23, I was $100k in debt, estranged from my family, psychologically manipulated and deeply alone. I hated myself.

My dark night of the soul gave way to a spiritual awakening. It eventually dawned, I was the only one with the key to liberate myself. I surrendered my life again to the Divine and prayed to become the woman I was called to be. Spirit gave me a clear message: Show up. Tell the truth. And go back to California.

Miracles ensued. I took off a few masks and put on my soul, ditched champagne and cocaine for surfing and yoga, took up painting and started to write. I sold my Lexus to pay for yoga teacher training, a years worth of bills, and a Toyota station wagon that died on the side of the freeway. Oh, and I met an earth angel who would later become my husband, Brent.

At 27, after breaking my back in a  surf accident, I realized that life is too short to do anything but what I love, and launched Stoked Yogi, offering stand up paddle board yoga classes, teacher trainings, and retreats.

Doing what I loved worked. It grew into multi-six figure business in which I certified over 1000 yoga teachers in stand up paddle board yoga and coached hundreds of women to personal and professional transformation.

At 33, I graduated with a degree in literature and creative writing (after 17 years in college). My writing has been published in Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, and the Inertia. On the TEDx stage, I was invited to share why "There Are No Big Decisions And You'll Never Be Ready."

Just as everything was coming up roses, Divine Feminine came knocking, I woke up to my internalized patriarchy, and years of trauma bubbled to the surface. A powerful womb healing experience placed the call on my life to help womxn reclaim sovereignty and wholeness through deep listening, radical honesty, and sacred feminine ceremony. Today, my deepest work is walking with sisters on the spiral path back to the center of themselves.

I live at the beach in Oceanside with my husband Brent, son Tanner, and dog Barney. And most of the time, I trust completely in the fact that everything is an instrument for our awakening.