Hi, I'm Amelia - 

and this is my story.

My life calling is to help us get free.

As a Soul Work coach, spiritual counselor, astrologer and educator, I focus on helping women unwind from internalized patriarchal dominator culture, embrace heart centered leadership and step into authentic self-expression.

Far too often, the vibrancy, brilliance, and genius of women, queer folks and people of the global majority is constricted by a lifetime of conditioning that tries to shape us into an illusory ideal. Systemic oppression and opportunity barriers are real, but so are the internal constructs that prevent us from showing up fully to pursue what we want - and what we're capable of creating, building or achieving.

My role is to help us shed old skins, and step into our favorite - and most powerful selves. 

Since 2013, I’ve had the honor of training thousands of practitioners in yoga and coaching hundreds of visionary entrepreneurs to hone their soul work and create greater impact and income.

Across all offerings, I weave deep listening, strategic insight and spiritual guidance to help folks live into who they're called to be. My work invites and creates ‘deep experiences:’ transformative, initiatory, ceremonial and ritual processes to support embodiment of your truest expression of self.

Lasting change happens at the soul level.

My professional approach to expanding awareness is rooted in twenty years of spiritual study, Integral Yoga philosophy, transpersonal psychology and eco-feminist values. As of 2024, I am finishing a master’s program in East-West/Engaged World Psychology at California Institute for Integral Studies, and continuing into PhD research in psilocybin-supported rites of passage.

Identity position and unearned privilege play a key role in my work; as a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied, U.S. citizen (the descendent of early settlers to North America from England, Scotland and later Ireland), I am reckoning with unpaid ancestral debts and working to restore fragmentation and disrupt my role in cycles of harm rooted in racism, colonialism, American imperialism, patriarchy and capitalism.

With curiosity, warmth and non-judgment, I invite us to journey together in exploration of the expanded self; integrating ego, soul, relationships, community and Earth. Walking with others on the spiral path of remembrance and reclamation is my greatest joy and purpose.

I look forward to knowing you and growing together.