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Hearing the Call

There is a call on your life. Just like the full expression of the oak tree is present in the acorn, the blueprint for your unique soul's purpose exists, ready to be discovered, within your being. 

If you're here at a turning point of transformation and the song of your soul calling is growing more resonant within you, you're in the right place. 

As a transpersonal coach, earth-honoring priestess and soul work guide, I work with soul-centered seekers cultivating lives of greater depth, impact, wealth, pleasure and wholeness.

My work is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, weaving strategic inquiry, somatic practice, spiritual counsel and engaged witnessing to support the foundation, expression and expansion of your soul work.

Your dreams exist for a reason. Let's bring them to life.
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What is Soul Work?

Soul Work is the process of exploring, embodying, and expressing your purpose and calling. By healing your wounds and owning your gifts, you can forge a path to live resourced and sustained mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

It's the inner work of cultivating curiosity, compassion and self-trust, and the outer work of generating success, fulfillment and satisfaction. Soul Work is clarifying what you want in life, and aligning your values and actions accordingly.

This work is material and spiritual; fusing strategy and spirit, mind and body, magical and mundane. It’s the alchemy of transmuting life challenges into wisdom, honoring your soul calling, and bringing forth your medicine to serve the world. 

Soul Work is doing what you came to Earth to do.

If You're Feeling Called to...


ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Evolve who you've been,¬†embrace your next¬†chapter and build the future you imagine.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Release old beliefs and open to stability, security, rootedness and wealth so you can shift¬†power in yourself and the world.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Change directions¬†and consciously create the career, spirituality, embodiment and relationships you¬†now desire.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬†¬†Grow your business as a creative expression of your soul‚Äôs purpose and a response to the needs of the world.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Embrace your voice and message; stand and speak for what you believe in, step into your fullest authentic¬†expression.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Navigate life transitions and cultivate the courage, compassion, clarity, resilience and self-trust needed for the journey ahead.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Become a change agent¬†taking radical responsibility for your purpose, passions, pleasure and power.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Accept your soul calling¬†as priestess, channel, seer, wise one or healer¬†to meet this time of planetary need.

ūĖ¶Ļ¬† Get support and take action¬†as you walk into the unknown¬†- the place where everything is possible.


I see you, I feel you, and I'm glad you're here.

What's Included

1:1 Sessions

Coaching calls and strategic intensives weaving talk-based support with creative and contemplative practices. 

Breakthrough Support

Access via email and text / voice note for questions, document review, editing, accountability and encouragement.

Resource Library

Self-paced courses and practices for business development, strategic planning, astrology insights and spiritual well-being.

Philosophy & Values

Your well-being is central to our work. My approach honors your identity intersections, varying levels of privilege, desires, capacity, natural rhythms, cycles, and seasons of change. 

My practice values are integrity, empathy, honesty, transparency, responsibility, and sustainability. In counseling, I offer curiosity, compassion, non-judgment and unconditional positive regard.

Sustainable change takes time and happens most effectively without urgency or stress. Over three to six months, we create a steady, grounded container for deep healing, meaningful growth and lasting impact.

Nourishing, supportive partnerships require trust and intimacy, care and commitment, time and attention. Because of this, I work with only 8-10 private clients at a time. 

This offering is partnership to mirror your most capable, creative, soulful self.

Client Reflections

Lis Best

Girls Club Collective

Amelia helped me take my spiritual, soul-aligned business dream and make it my reality. Over 4 years, she has helped me birth and evolve my 1:1 coaching practice and Girls Club Collective community and magicmind to serve dozens of women changing the world. Far more importantly, she has supported my stepping into self-trust, surrender, curiosity, joy, and awe in not only my work, but also my life.

I can't recommend her highly enough.

Malaurie Hotier

Malaurie Psychic

There are lots of coaches out there, but only one Amelia. Our business was brand new two years ago and our profits are now in the multiple six figures and growing; no end in sight. Amelia helped us in the initial phases of building our business and also provided ongoing support. She's been an asset to our business and also become a dear friend; working with her, you gain your ideal business consultant and the companionship of a dear soul.

Hire Amelia. She is pure gold in every way. 

Emma Bromley

Bromley Method Pilates

Amelia helped me turn my business vision into reality by creating one epic digital program that now single handedly brings in around $15-20k per month!! By supporting me to organize my thoughts and break down the tasks into a bite-sized, achievable schedule, I was able to create, launch, and focus on consistent marketing and growth. She helped me create financial freedom as a single mum, and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you Amelia! ILYSM ūüíó

Program Tuition

My rates are based on actual value of my services and impact, twelve years of entrepreneurial experience, masters level education and certifications, comparative market analysis and my cost of living. Accessibility is a core value of my work. A sliding scale option is available for a limited number of clients each quarter; get more info about sliding scale here.

Soul Work Mentorship


or 6 payments of $1200

6 months of mentorship and spiritual counsel to support transformative, sustainable growth.

  • (2) 2 Hour¬†Deep Dive Strategy Sessions
  • (10) 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly¬†Astrology Guidance
  • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Business¬†Accelerator &¬† Breathwork¬†Courses
  • Voxer & Email Support
45 Min Alignment Call

Soul Work Impact


How can this partnership support you? 

Business Coaching

If you're holding the vision of an expanded, highly-referred, sustainable, feel-good business, I'm here to help you create it.

Since 2014, I've built two soul-centered businesses and generated over $1.5M in revenue as a solopreneur. You can make meaningful money doing what you love.

Every business, like every being, has a unique soul blueprint. Together, we'll clarify, root and stabilize these aspects so you can bring forth your most meaningful work.

  • Legacy.¬†How your purposeful work expands beyond yourself.
  • Values.¬†Principles that matter and help you align in service.
  • Visibility. Aligned marketing that helps you be seen and heard.
  • Systems.¬†Internal structure, processes and organizational flow.
  • Revenue.¬†Money-making¬†products, services, rates, pricing.
  • Impact. Change you create and transformational benefit of your work.
  • Message.¬†Connecting clearly with clients and customers.
  • Voice.¬†Channeling your truest, most authentic expression.
  • Soul Work.¬†How your business grows you at the deepest level.

Personal Growth

As a coach and mentor, I am here to support you through the highs and lows of life: this can mean grief, loss, relationship changes, trauma restoration, identity shifts, parenting challenges or other unexpected life obstacles.

It also means supporting as you learn to trust and pursue your big dreams, wild impulses, and powerful visions; whether they are professional, personal, or both.

Past clients have written books, landed major speaking engagements, launched podcasts, hosted retreats, opened their relationships, found breakthroughs in sexuality, intimacy and pleasure, moved to a new country, experienced psychic awakening, and moved through growing edges in personal evolution.

With a transpersonal and holistic approach, we honor and tend to your soul work in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, personal and professional realms.

When I ask past clients what they gained from working together, one answer comes up more than all the rest. Most say, "I learned how to finally, fully trust myself."

Spiritual Counsel

We are here on divine assignment. Being human is messy, beautiful, hard, confusing, chaotic, painful, and ultimately, purposeful.  

As a psycho-spiritual practitioner, I weave 20+ years of experience in diverse. modalities to facilitate reconnection with deep aliveness, remembrance of interconnectedness and inclusion within the wider body of Earth and Cosmos.

  • Astrology & Tarot for meaning-making, cosmic and archetypal insights.
  • Breathwork &¬†Somatics to support your body vessel.
  • Yoga & Meditation to cultivate focus, attention and awareness.
  • Ritual & Ceremony for¬†communion with the sacred.¬†

These tools and practices support embodied ways of knowing and are woven into mentorship in the way that best supports your unique journey.

Beyond all tools and techniques, my soul work is that of a sacred mirror; listening deeply for your inner wisdom and reflecting it back to you.

The world needs your soul work.
Your soul work needs you whole.


"The things that women reclaim are often their own voice, values, imagination, clairvoyance, their stories and ancient memories. If we go for the deeper, and the darker, and the less known, we will touch the bones."

 Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Results & Celebrations

Shared with love and client permission.
P.S. Your goals may be wildly different from these. 


Let's Connect

Get to know each other and explore how soul work coaching can support your life and business visions. 

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