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What's Your Soul Work?

Dec 23, 2023

What are you called to do with this wild and precious life? What pulses in your being, lighting you up with curiosity, passion, creativity, desire and longing? What drives you, whispers to you in dreams, and speaks to you in visions? When you wander into the imaginal realms, what version of yourself do you find there? 

Purpose & Calling

These are clues to your soul work. Just as the blueprint for an oak tree is embedded in the acorn, so does each human life have a blueprint or map for our soul’s growth and expression.

There is a reason why you chose life in human form. Soul work is the process of opening to that calling, exploring and excavating its meaning and purpose, building a foundation for the journey, and expressing it in the world.

Soul work is not for the faint of heart. It requires commitment, trust, courage, and asks us to traverse unknown realms. It reorients us from focal points of fame, money, and material acquisition, and turns us towards becoming who we are called to be. 

Because soul is the individual aspect of Spirit, the soul work we do in the world is never just about us - it’s about the big picture of how our life comes into relation with the whole of humanity, Earth, and the cosmos. 

Soul work can be healing, activism, ancestral connection, creative and expressive arts, self-inquiry, awareness practices, ritual, ceremony, earth stewardship, visioning, prophecy, energy or dreamwork. It can bring in any of the tools, practices, or offerings which serve your (and others) hotline to the divine and helps us remember and reclaim wholeness.

The expression of your soul work is a tapestry, not a singular thread or fiber. It is woven from your gifts and wounds, strengths and setbacks, childhood fantasies and mature values. It is continually evolving, just like consciousness itself. In that way, embracing soul work is a process, not a project. Pursuing it is not about doing it right, or reaching an end goal, but about creating congruence in your being through the journey of becoming.

Journal Prompts to Clarify Your Soul Work

  1. If you knew you’d be safely resourced, and have all the stability and security you need, what would you do with your time?
  2. What are the issues in the world that truly make your heart ache, or ignite the fires of righteous fury within you? What would you change if you had the power?
  3. When do you feel most divinely guided and connected? What practices, activities or experiences lead you to a deep sense of sacred belonging to life itself?

Remember, our soul work is continually evolving. It happens in the inner realms (mental, emotional, spiritual) as well as in the outer world (relationships, sacred work, the pursuit of justice.) Don’t compare your journey to anyone else's. Keep listening to the gentle knowing guidance of your inner voice. 

Connection & Support

If you’re at a crossroads, whether of deepening your personal healing journey, or feeling called to bring more of your soul work into the world, I’m here to help. Please feel welcome to book an alignment call and see how coaching or medicine work may support you in the season ahead.

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