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the Value of Soul Work

Dec 23, 2023

 Have you ever heard someone say, "charge your worth" and then felt stuck, lost, or actually kind of worth... less? 

I feel you, and you're not alone. There's def a common cringe of insecurity and self-doubt when people ask a service based entrepreneur about the value of their work - especially when they are new in business. 

Even when we know that we have so much to offer, describing the exact benefits or results can create a tongue-tied stumble or stop us with writer’s block. 

First of all, YOUR WORTH could never ever ever be measured in money. You are literally priceless. 

But your services? Those have value. They are worth charging for, and if you're struggling to see the deeper benefit of your offerings, then this post is for you.

Sometimes, as a service based entrepreneur, it's hard to describe the value of what you do. Read on to get reconnected and re-inspired by your own amazing offerings.

the Value of 7 Soul Work Pathways in Entrepreneurship

These service based professions are literally life changers. You may identify with more than one. As you read through, let yourself be encouraged and inspired by the incredible value and worth you provide to your clients. If you need more cheerleading, know that my coaching services are just an alignment call away.

Coaches & Mentors

You listen, provide accountability and feedback, witness and reflect growth, offer insight and modification, and have a level of intimacy and personal investment in your clients. Your role is not to do the work for them, but to continually remind people of their immense capability, gifting, and wisdom, encouraging them to move in the direction of their values, goals, and dreams. You hold strategizing and soul work in equal regard, and recognize that whole-self development often requires both. You provide a mirror, sounding board and emotional safety net for your clients, so they can see, hear, and love themselves more fully. 

Artists + Creatives

You bring healing and perspective shift to humanity and the world as a whole. Your job is sometimes to comfort, but just as often, to provoke. The way you see and relate to life is unique, and often goes against the grain of the status quo, which in turn, disrupts and awakens people to the ways they’ve been asleep or complicit in systems of oppression. You make things beautiful, and honor pain and suffering by giving it visual, vocal, or other creative expression. You connect people to something timeless, foundation, and vital: life force itself. You are the frontrunners of societal change, and sleeper activists. You are a balm and panacea for the suffering of the human condition. You are desperately needed. 

Teachers & Educators 

You research, synthesize information, organize into digestible learning formats, instruct or teach, and provide people with a shift that comes from gaining knowledge and understanding. You’re able to make complex topics simpler, and your passion and enthusiasm for your subject matter is contagious. Your awareness of different learning styles informs your ability and practice of communicating information in various formats. Your work helps people gain valuable skills that expand their ability to resource themselves and take actions that matter to them. 

Guides & Facilitators

You hold space, create safe containers for exploration and self-discovery, conduct ritual, ceremony or rites of passage, conduct group energy, and hold a leadership role that invites people to settle into transformative experiences with a sense of groundedness that you are taking them on a valuable journey and will return them safely. Your own openness and vulnerability invites people to expand authentic self expression. 

Intuitives & Healers

You are the oracle, channel, priestess, witch, medicine person, and visionary. Your work opens and tends areas that need awareness, attention and healing by first affirming and validating areas of uncertainty, confusion, pain or suffering. You make space for people to be as they are, and invite them to recognize the ways folks can participate in their own healing and well-being. You remain connected to your divine hotline, and create an access point for others to touch theirs. 

Event Hosts & Producers 

You are a master of energetic flow. You know how to structure experiences to evoke or generate a specific and memorable emotional quality or feeling in people, one that leaves them elevated from where they started. You’re gifted in identifying sensory pleasure, and creating a symphony of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch that weaves harmony through groups. Relationships are a strong suit, and you’re great at finding mutually beneficial ways to bring diverse people, places and props together in an alchemical fashion to create something entirely new. 


Professional Service Providers

You are excellent at what you do, and it’s a specialized skill. Whether it’s design, law, finance, architecture, mechanics, aesthetics, or any other trade or professional service, your work is vital and requires experience, ethics, and excellence. You help people by doing what they aren’t capable of doing and are unable or unwilling to learn. When people find you, they breathe a huge sigh of relief, because they know they’ve found someone who can help them. By providing your service with devotion and mastery, you gain people’s loyalty and open a lifelong channel of referrals. Your gifts include listening, attention to detail, expert level knowledge, and leadership that enables people to trust you with important pieces of their life. 



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