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Death Witch · {poem}

Dec 23, 2023


I’m here to help you die. 


An energetic death doula, here to lovingly tend and witness 


the necessary spiritual deaths that enable you 


to shed your snake skins and rebirth into a truer version of yourself. 


As a death witch, I’m here to tend the liminal realms: 


the ‘no mans land’ beyond the loss, surrender, stripping or shedding of who you’ve been 


and before the full embodiment of who you are becoming. 


This is the realm of the underworld and the deep, dark waters of the mother well. 


I’m here to journey down, down, down with you to the bottom - 


to the place where your grief, rage, lust and longing are wildly alive - 


and not save you. 


Because this good death is the portal to your next holy birth. 


I am here not to save you, 


but to love you and bear witness as you save yourself.


To see your beauty and listen with my whole body, 


to the journey of your thoughts, 


then reflect back the wisdom you hold.


Winding your way along the spiral path of your own life, 


weaving in and out of the underworld - 


my role is to hold the knowing that you will always return. 


That your rebirth is as sure as the sunrise and sunset, 


shifting of the tides, and turning of the seasons.


My soul work is to sink such deep roots into Earth, 


into the heart of the great Mother, that Her steadiness supports us both.


To be ground control for you 


while you bravely explore the realms of inner space.


If you start to lose your way (or your self), 


my job is to whisper, speak, or sing your sacred name. 


To call you back to the knowing of your wise and holy body. 


My soul work is to help you practice dying in this life, over and over again


So you can sit, at your last breath, full and ready, 


knowing that you became all of who you were called to be,


and that you, 


love in human form,





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