Amelia Travis


Amelia Travis (she / her) serves as a soul centered coach, astrologer, writer, speaker, breathwork and facilitator, movement teacher, archetypal feminine ritualist and consciousness guide. Her multi-faceted approach to self-discovery is rooted in twenty years of academic and spiritual study, Integral Yoga philosophy, transpersonal psychology and eco-feminist values. With a curious, warm, and open attitude, her guidance invites exploration, insight, and celebration of the whole, expanded eco-self; integrating ego, soul, relationships, community, and Earth.

Since 2013, Amelia has been guiding transformative, connective retreat experiences for yoga practitioners, water people, earth lovers, consciousness explorers, star gazers and devotees of the left hand path of the sacred feminine. As the founder of Stoked Yogi, the Women Awake podcast and Moon Medicine Community, she's had the honor and privilege of supporting thousands of human beings on their journeys into the self. Walking with women and femmes on the spiral path of remembrance is her greatest joy and purpose.

Amelia lives in central coastal Portugal with four male bodied kin: her husband, Brent, sons Tanner and River, and animal familiar Barney the terrier. When she's not deep in conversation about life and the divine in all their names and forms, you can find her surfing, reading, making art, or resting appreciatively on the Earth.

Amber Herzog-Lyman


Amber Herzog Lyman (she / her) is a poet, film writer, adventurer and Earth ambassador based in Central California and Maui. A born explorer of high mountains, deep oceans, ancestral wisdom and somatic animal awareness, her life’s work weaves together the synergistic problem-solving potentials of restoring human connection to nature consciousness.

Born at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Amber apprenticed to the wide earth from a young age, in deep relationship with nature. She later studied International Relations in the Core Curriculum Honors cohort at Boston University and graduated magna cum laude from University of Southern California as the 2001 Annual Comparative Literature Prize winner.

Her wisdom has been gathered through a lifetime immersed in animal communication, wildlife handling/rescue, megafauna field research across six African biomes and three oceans, two+ decades of practice in yoga and meditation, and wilderness and cultural exploration in 37 countries and counting. 

She is co-writer of the documentary feature OCEAN SOULS, winner of sixteen international film festival awards, and her spoken word poetry has been featured in the sonic immersion live show SOUNDS OF THE OCEAN at events including COP 26 Glasgow, COP 27 Egypt, and official World Oceans Day 2022 events at UN Headquarters. 

Her first full length poetry and music album, “Elemental,” an interwoven soundscape of music, voice and eco-poetry, is currently in production with the Embodied Sounds label. 

The ethos of Amber’s work invites a reverent, reciprocal, rooted return to primordial relationship with Earth.

Elizabeth O'Neill


Elizabeth (she / her) is an Energy Healer and Wellness Coach, specialising in supporting people who have put themselves last for far too long.  Often, these people are in a pre illness state without even realising and Elizabeth supports people to prioritise a devotional practice, time with nature and light, remove emotional blockages and to care for ourselves the way we have cared for others.  A sudden cancer diagnosis at age 35 with a 3 month old baby left Elizabeth searching for a way to bring her own body back to health and she found ways to use Sound, Meditation and Lifestyle tactics to do this successfully.  

We don’t need a frightening diagnosis to love ourselves fully. We can be a wonderful parent, partner, friend and human being just by recognising that we are deserving of love and care and prioritising these needs.  When we make changes in our own lives these have an impact on our families and colleagues and the people we encounter each day.  It is never too late to feel better, no matter what you have been told. 

Elizabeth will be guiding Kundalini Yoga classes, a form of yoga that combines breathwork, asana, eye gazes, meditation and mantra to allow us to meet our true selves, to rapidly change our inner beliefs and in turn, change the way we interact with the world for the better.  It can move long trapped emotions and fine tune our hormones, digestion and nervous system.  She will also hold Sound Journeys where you can experience crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drumming, vocal toning and the gong as a way to enter a deep state of meditation and relaxation.  These sessions can help support better sleep, detox and regenerate the blood, boost the immune system and bring clarity to situations that have weighed us down for too long.   

Elizabeth holds training in; Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Naturopathic Oncology, Crystal Healing, Chakra + Aura Healing and Functional Nutrition.

Maya McNeil


Maya Johanna McNeil (they/she) is a Californian artist of Scottish descent, born and living on Ohlone land. Maya is a modern bard in the making: a songwriter, singer, song keeper, listener, an intuitive. With healing hands, Maya is a simple ritualist minding the edges, and a bodywork therapist specializing in magical breast and lymphatic health and education. They are a multi-gendered femme presenting creature of ancient abstract textures and hues, one that is perpetually befuddled and in love with how we connect across distance, space, experience, and time. Maya has been stewarded from a young age by the patient plant world and generous traditions of both indigenous and western philosophies, communities, and practices. They are ultimately an artist, never too far from death, rebirth, and the hum of the unknown. Co-facilitated and collaborative spaces that learn from the past, respect and receive support from many realms, and dream in action towards a beautiful and equitable future for all beings, is their favorite place to be.

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